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Being a SharePoint Expert can Help in Many Fields

Knowing SharePoint well can be very beneficial for almost anyone. No matter what career you choose to go into, you will find that having the knowledge of how to build a SharePoint site can help further your career, and expand your options. Let’s take a look at how being a SharePoint expert can help you in a variety of fields:

Human Resources: If you work in human resources, you will find yourself working with many different parts of the company. In fact, you may also find yourself working with other companies on a regular basis. Those in Human resources need to keep track of many different forms, documents, and memos. Not to mention written documentations of conversations and any other information that passes through the office. Because of this, knowing SharePoint can make your life and the lives of everyone else in the company much easier. If you are able to put together a new SharePoint site to collaborate all of the forms and documents, or run the existing site, you will earn the gratitude of those around you. On top of this, showing these skills can push you ahead in the job market.

Customer Service: When you work in customer service, you may need to keep track of scripts (if your company requires them for phone calls), schedules, policies, and more. Being able to navigate through the SharePoint site that is set up for your company can help you be more efficient in your work. Knowing where everything is, and how to submit bug reports or notes is important. If you are able to show that you have a working knowledge of SharePoint, you may also find yourself moving up the corporate ladder quickly.

Software Development: Those in software development can benefit from SharePoint in many ways. First, developing new programs to work with SharePoint can help you make some extra money. It can also show those around you that you have initiative and are ready to learn new programs. You are also able to collaborate with those around you or even those you don’t yet know, through a SharePoint site.

No matter what career path you have chosen, knowing how SharePoint works, and knowing your way around it can help you make an impression. Knowing this program can show those above you that you are ready and willing to learn. It can also show that you can help in a way others in the company may not be able to help.

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