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SharePoint Staffing

Throughout the history of modern business, one business rule has been reiterated and proven again and again: Your top resource will always be your people. Finding the right people, however, may not always be simple. Luckily, we can help. SharePoint Engine offers specialized contract and permanent recruitment services for your SharePoint related requirements.

If you choose to hire by contract only, we can help connect with with a suitable expert for your specialized task. These times bound contracts come with a reasonable hourly rate, and SharePoint Engine takes care of all the HR requirements on the backend.

For those looking to try new SharePoint staff for potential long-term employment, we also offer the “Contract to Hire” alternative. This allows you to hire the consultant once the contract’s allotted time-frame has run out, given that the employee has worked as a contracted consultant for a minimum number of agreed upon hours.

Of course, direct hire solutions are also available. Our expertise and reputation in the field allows us to track down ideal SharePoint candidate to fulfill your company’s needs.

To find your candidate: Call (877) 368-7207 or email info@sharepointengine.com

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