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SharePoint Intranet / Extranet Portals

Once you have your data organized with appropriate content management solutions and reporting tools, you need to make sure the information is accessible. This is best done through a secure Intranet and/or Extranet portal. However, the setup process for either of these solutions can be both challenging and complex.

SharePoint Engine can help your company smoothly set up a portal that works as an easy to use data repository for information, documents, and more. From there, you can grant access to anyone from employees to shareholders and more while simultaneously maintaining internal control over the data.

These SharePoint Server portals are both secure and highly scalable, with an architecture that can both expand to meet your company needs while functioning under the level of security you deem appropriate. Additionally, with the help of SharePoint Engine, it is easy to integrate a SharePoint portal with the business applications you use on a daily basis.

Thanks to our years of experience and our specialization with SharePoint, we can help you get a portal implemented and configured rapidly. Just fill out the form on the right, give us a call at (678) 956-1780, or contact us today to receive your free consultation.

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